1. Stephanie Vanderslice writes:

    LOVE! Especially #3, which is really everything.

  2. Sonya Huber writes:

    I love this so much. I was just reading this intro to BAE this month! So excited to teach that essay plus this together. Plus, I really needed a laugh today, so thank you.

  3. Dinty Moore writes:
  4. Elizabeth Hilts writes:

    This is great and I really needed all of it today.
    For a lot of reasons. But mostly because I love wisdom and whimsey. And “Writing Life Stories.”

  5. Debora writes:

    Hahaha! This is hilarious Dave!

    Well first I say, yes do wear a bandanna because I think this pic of DFW is totally sexy.

    Second, I LOVE this issue of Best American Essays and relied on the intro to try to defend the cause of maintaining creativity in the course offerings at the mountain college where I was teaching some classes and annoying the heck out of the bookstore people who were apparently complaining to admin that they had to order too many different books for the English department (one such book was my pick titled–Writing Life Stories! Too funny!). Oddly–even though I pointed out the obvious: Why is the bookstore manager determining the curriculum?–the English department slowly lost its case, as apparently there is nothing like conformity when it comes to higher education???!!!

    Third, I’m still very jealous that you are on the approved DFW list of essays despite the oversight of Best American Essays.

    Fourth, I love your post, it’s really great!

    • Debora writes:

      And when i say “this pic of DFW” I don’t actually mean your drawing, sorry, but the pic on the post from a few days ago 🙂

      • Debora writes:

        And one last thought–my students LOVED working from Writing Life Stories. Many felt it was the first time that they were getting instruction on how to invent their writing–how to find the raw material within them and then make further discovery from draft to draft.